The Remarkables is published!

Hi folks!

My first novel, The Remarkables, has been published and is available on the Kindle store.  Blurb-me-do!

Owen Johnson’s day was progressing just like it did for most other teenagers. By lunchtime he had climbed a tall building using abilities usually reserved for superheroes; he’d flirted with the girl he had secretly adored for years; he’d come home to find his dad had been kidnapped and a mysterious stranger standing in his living room; and finally he’d been rescued by the elderly woman next door who had suddenly revealed that she had the power to launch people through the air.

“Reaching Out” introduces Owen Johnson to the world of The Remarkables, a group of seemingly ageless war heroes, each possessing unique gifts that had been used to fight evil. Now they must help Owen find his dad, and uncover a new threat to our way of life. Along their journey Owen slowly starts to learn the secrets of his past, and uncovers surprising truths about himself and those that he thought he knew: some of which he is glad to learn, some he may wish he hadn’t.


It’s a bit of a labour of love and has been incubating in my headball for some time now, and I’ve become very attached to the characters I’ve created and nurtured.

US Store:

UK Store:

It’s also available for free for Amazon Prime members via the Lending Library.

All feedback is welcome, and please leave a review, whatever your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



2 responses to “The Remarkables is published!

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  2. Hello! And congratulations on publishing The Remarkables (which sounds like an interesting read and has a very cool cover btw!) Good luck on the sequel!
    Oh, I found your blog through Goodreads – Making Connections – WordPress thread! Glad to meet you! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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