Title inspiration


The Remarkables wasn’t my first choice for the title of my novel. I went through many others, including up to the last minute of publication the title of its sequel, Reaching Out (which is nearing completion).

The book is named after a group of people with extraordinary powers, and in the initial stages of creating the story, I had not considered that they should have some kind of collective name, like The X-Men or Justice League. However, this changed when I visited the astonishing country that is New Zealand.

For those that don’t know, there is a vast mountain range on the South Island known as The Remarkables. Chances are you saw them in Leter Jackson’s seminal Lord of the Rings trilogy, wherein they feature as The Misty Mountains and where the Beacons of Gondor are lit in that memorable scene from The Return of the King.

Notwithstanding how beautiful and majestic they are, I was particular taken by the name, which seemed to almost be an understatement. I knew straight away that I was going to pilfer borrow the title for my group of heroes and eventually the book that they star within.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.


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