Paperback Writer


When I first dreamed of becoming an author, I only ever envisioned my work to be published as a traditional book, made from bits of ground up tree (sorry, Treebeard!) This was back in the days before the e-reader, and chances are I would never had been afforded the opportunity to have my book released were it not for services such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform or Smashwords.

Of course there is a way of getting one’s books printed in the traditional way, via services such as Createspace. Which is what I did.

So you can now get your hands around a printed copy of The Remarkables at the various Amazon portals, but also via Createspace’s own shop. The links are at the bottom if you fancy a nose around.

Naturally the first owner of the printed form of my book was me, and I cannot express the level of glee that I felt when that familiar brown Amazon package landed on my doorstep. Even though I am a massive fan and supporter of e-books, seeing my words on the printed page was a lifelong dream of mine (even if I did end up having to publish it myself!)

It would also be remiss of me not to “big up” the Createspace process which was intuitive and surprisingly straightforward. So for my fellow authors who may be worried that it’s a faff to get it all set up: fear not, it’s a doddle!



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