It is I!

I’m A. D. Elliott, landlord of these pages. The A and the D can stand for whatever you choose, so long as they have a minimum of two syllables.

I’m also a fledgling author, spending a rather leisurely eleven years to write my first novel which I think I mention here and there on these pages.

I’m also a husband and father which seem to take up more of my time than my writing (I’ll be checking my wedding vows for the fine print on that situation, don’t you worry). With my family I enjoy nothing more than jumping on an aeroplane, expanding my carbon footprint and visiting as much of this phenomenal planet on which we live. My travels have influenced my writing in innumerable ways, from cultural nuances, locations, and nicking the name of a mountain range for my novel’s title.

I like nothing more than a natter with my fellow oxygen breathers, so please drop me a line on this here interwebby.


A. D.


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